Blaise Mautin


In a secret laboratory, filled with the world’s most wonderful scents and rare ingredients, Blaise Mautin, a French creative perfumer, assembles fragrances, feelings, sensations, emotions and finesse in his own unique way to create the world’s finest tailor-made perfumes.

  • The Blaise Mautin new hotel line centers on a vivacious, delicate et powerful fragrance of which combines bergamot, petit grain, sweet orange, a hint of ylang-ylang from Madagascar, shaped by an accord of rose petals, orange blossoms and jasmine.
  • The new Amenity line features generous 50ml tubes of shampoo, conditioner, bath shower gel and body lotion
  • Soaps are available in in 30g & 50g
  • 300m Eco pumps are available in soap and hair and body gel
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  • Products

    50ml - 1.69 fl.oz
    • Bath Shower Gel
    • Shampoo
    • Conditioner
    • Body Lotion
    30 & 50g - 1.05 & 1.76 oz


    300ml - 10.14 fl.oz
    • Liquid Soap
    • Hair & Body Gel
    In brass or recyclable ABS plastic

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