Clarin’s Group is the European leader in luxury skin care products. Clarin’s products are sold in 150 countries and count millions of loyal clients. Clarins has always favored ingredients of natural origin.


  • A fresh and refined guest amenity line utilizing Clarin’s best-selling treatment fragrance, Eau Dynamisante
  • Formulas are the exact same product as the retail line using the highest quality plant extracts in their most effective concentration and beauty results
  • Available in 30ml & 60ml Bottles with flip tops.
  • Soaps are available in 30g & 60 g as well as a 45g glycerin soap
  • A large selection of Accessories is available in the Ruby Line matching the Clarin’s Design.

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  • Products


    Scent: Eau Dynamisante


    • Cream Soap (packed in red or white paper) 30 and 60g
    • Glycerin Soap (film wrapped) 45g

    Bottles 30ml and 60ml

    • Shower Gel
    • Re-vital Shampoo
    • Re-vital Conditioner
    • Body Lotion
    • Foaming Body Exfoliate

    Transparent Trays

    • Cristal Tray: 240 x 50 x 25 mm
    • Elegance Tray: 240 x 118 x 19 mm


    Ecopump 300 ml

    • Shower Gel
    • Re-vital Shampoo
    • Re-vital Conditioner
    • Body Lotion
    • Chrome wall support available

    Accessories “Ruby Line”

    • Shower Cap & scrunchie
    • Cotton Buds x 4
    • Make-up Remover Pads x 4
    • Paper tissues x 3
    • Manicure Set
    • Transparent Comb
    • Gentle Exfoliating Mitt
    • Sewing Kit 6 per-threaded needles
    • Shoe Pad
    • Dental Set
    • Shaving set

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