Occean Blue


Health and beauty care experience based on active marine principles. With all the richness of marine oligo-elements and marine algae in a line of cosmetic products with toning and vitalizing accents from the ocean’s store, this brand draws its freshness and energy from the properties of the active marine ingredients algae – Laminaria Digitata, creating a feeling of wellbeing for the body. Algae Laminaria Digitata: This brown algae particularly rich in minerals and oligo-elements, is recognized and accepted for its dynamic action and tonal qualities. It is gathered on board boats from the Iroise Sea during the harvesting season that runs from mid-May to mid-September. This seaweed is then dried naturally on the dunes on the shores of Brittany.

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  • Products

    Soap flowpack

    • 20 / 40g

    Transparent bottle 30 ml

    • Tonic Bath Shower Gel
    • Vitality Shampoo
    • Hydrating Body Milk
    • Bath Salts

    Ecopump 300ml

    • Vitalizing All-Over Shampoo
         with marine active principles
    • Nourishing Hand Wash
         with marine active principles

    Wall Support made of Solid Brass Shiny Chrome/Matte Chrome


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