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The Yves Rocher Brand was born of the vision of one man who believed in plant based beauty care and in the democratization of beauty for all women. These two convictions are the pillars of Botanical Beauty. In addition, as Botanist, Harvester, Manufacturer and Distributor, a unique position in our industry, Yves Rocher then went on to invent another type of beauty. A beauty that was closer to women, a beauty that was more effective and modern than ever, a beauty that has already captivated 3 million women around the world and that continues to captivate new women every day by remaining accessible. Progress in the field of botanical beauty care constantly leads us towards further discoveries of nature's potential and its application to beauty.

To provide you with a relaxing and calm moment, Yves Rocher has chosen the Olive, for its sunny disposition, and essential oil of Petitgrain, originating in the Mediterranean Basin. Obtained by the distillation of the leaves and twigs of the bitter orange, the essential oil of Petit Grain is traditionally used for its renowned relaxing properties. Its pleasant fragrance, both floral and invigorating, helps you to empty your mind for a calm and peaceful moment.

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    Scent: Olive-Petitgrain


    • 20g or 40g

    Bottles 30ml enriched with olive extract

    • Shampoo - enriched with olive extrat
    • Bath shower gel - enriched with aloe vera and olive extract
    • Conditioner - enriched with olive extract and pro-vitamin B5
    • Body lotion - Aloe vera, olive oil, sweet almond & shea butter

    Ecopump 300ml 

    • Hair & Body Gel - enriched with olive extract
    • Liquid Soap - 

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